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Despicable Me

Despicable Me Gomovies,On that fateful day, when my mom came home with that dvd, I was instantly engaged with the sweet home alabama in the beginning of the amazing movie that was despicable me 2. The first one however, had the best villian of all time, vector. he is dummy thicc and very powerful, my only problem with him is the fact that he swore in the end with the word “Poop”. Gru is also an amazing villian, he is my idol and I hope to enslave thousands of minions just like him. He is quiet the chonker and he is amazing. The gorls are there for no reason besides taking screen time from gru. The best minion is the one that got his head stuck in a jar. If I had to rate this on a scale of 1-10 it would be an 11/10, #Minions 2