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Gully Boy

Gully Boy Gomovies,My first Hindi movie review is definitely a worth of writing.Never know why I don’t like Ranveer singh but for the first time i find him very impressive. Maybe he was simply sticked to the character of Murad without any over board performance. Murad is a very well written character. A great lover,a grad student,a Driver,a Sales job holder, a Thief,a kid lover .Above all, he is a RAPPER. Ranveer subtle yet impactful screen presence is very impressive. Any guy in Mumbai slum would very well relate to him . Ranveer ensured that every emotion is aptly conveyed to the audience.Finally when he blows out to his best in his last rap Apna Time Ayega is a phenomenal goosebumps act.

Duration: 153 min


IMDb: 8.1