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I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil Gomovies,I normally don’t watch foreign language films with English subtitles but I came across this film and heard that people were putting it in their top ten horror/thrillers of all time. So based on that I watched it. Reading the subtitles took a little getting used to but after ten minutes I was engaged and didn’t feel distracted by it. It’s a long movie. Felt like it dragged on at times but the building tension of where this movie was going kept me from turning it off. It is brutal, disturbing and even disgusting and vile at times. I would put this right up there with Seven as far as thrillers go but due to the graphic violence and gore this may not be watchable for some people. I heard there is a US remake in the works. If they stylishly film it to imply the viscousness and brutality of this film without going overboard with the extreme gore I can see this being received in the US as Seven and Silence of the Lambs were and being a success. Til then give this a watch as long as you have a stomach for the graphic violence. The story and ending are worth it.

Duration: 144 min


IMDb: 7.8