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Made In China

Made In China Gomovies,Raghuvir Mehta is a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur, who fails at every new business venture he sets up. But a trip to China promises to change that and Raghu bites the bait. But soon as a result of this, he finds himself as a prime suspect in the murder of a Chinese General, in India.

At first go, Made in China starts off on a sure footing as it sets itself up as a crime investigative story. A Chinese General is found dead after he helps himself to a cup of Chinese ‘Magic Soup’. The investigators believe that an ingredient found in the soup, which is derived from tigers, is the reason behind the General’s death. The owner of the soup company, Raghuvir and those who worked with him are summoned to get to the bottom of this mystery. And from here on, the film goes into a long flashback mode. In fact, so long, that you may not be blamed if you forget mid-way that this was all being related to uncover the story behind the death.

Duration: 128 min


IMDb: 6.2