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The Lion King

The Lion King Gomovies,As a big fan of this film since childhood, I know that the 1994 version of this visually fantastic movie will never be beaten. Thus, the remake of this film did not reach that goal. However, it did bring some new perspectives for millions of eyes around the world. Jon Favreau, director of many films, including 2016’s the Jungle Book, did an excellent job with this CGI remake of the Lion King.
I am proud to be one of several theater witnesses on opening day to watch this wonderfully made film. Although — admittedly — the animals don’t have a flexible amount of facial expressions, the story, the music, the scenery, to me, is what was most important. I think Jon and the whole cast and crew did a wonderful job recreating a masterpiece, trying not to top it, but trying to expand it a little for the new generation of high film making technology.