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The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date Gomovies,I honestly feel like I wasted two hours(?) of my life watching something that feels like it was written by a group of 40 year old men who think they know what appeals to teenaged girls. I can only speak for myself, but they would be sorely mistaken. Watching this movie felt like being spoon fed the same old highschool rom com with bland, one dimensional characters, completely oversaturated with school dances, and who could forget the essence of every quality teen film: the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, who is wholely unpleasant in the name of feminism. Because God forbid strong women let you forget how strong they are by having literally any other character traits. Other than that, Noah Centineo is just being Noah Centineo, which doesn’t seem to require more talent than making a grilled cheese sandwich. I would also like to mention how sick I am of seeing actors, who are not remotely highschool aged play teenagers, especially in a way that seems unnatural and as if they don’t remember what it’s like to actually be sixteen to eighteen.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 5.8