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Tumbbad Gomovies,What if a graphic novel was written about an old legend that had gods, their curses, a goddess and her favoritism? What if it was a story about man and his insufferable desire to benefit from someone else’s rifts, never mind they are powerful beings who you cannot fight with humanly strengths? How about debauchery, greed, sorcery, magic and a wretched existence? Such a graphic novel has never been written, but short stories by the hundreds have been written in Stephen Kingesque fashion when King wasnt even known to the world or to Marathi author Narayan Dharap. The world created inspired by those stories is a viscous, sticky and tricky mess of man’s many follies and yet out of it emerges a fable, a warning for all of us encapsulated beautifully in the very first frame of the film with a saying from the Mahatma about resources on the earth being aplenty for all but there simply isnt enough place anywhere in the universe for the greed that follows from man’s infinitesimally small mind!